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    A technology entrepreneur with a long history of innovation in software development, Craig Jensen serves as Chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation, a versatile disk utilities developer based in Burbank, California. With more than 40 years of experience in his field, Mr. Jensen laid the foundations for his career at Applied Data Research and Data General Corporation, both early leaders in computer technology development. In 1981, Craig Jensen founded Diskeeper Corporation, which would later become Condusiv Technologies. He quickly positioned the firm as a leading provider of disk defragmentation products for large businesses and government agencies. From there, Craig Jensen grew the company through the development of new and effective defragmentation software for corporate and home users alike.

    Throughout its history, Condusiv has been recognized for its contributions to the technology industry. The company has been named to the Inc. 500 on multiple occasions, was formerly listed as one of the Top 100 Independent Software Companies in the World by Software Magazine, and enjoys ongoing relationships with Samsung, LG, SanDisk, and other major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

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