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Condusiv Technologies Product Addresses SSD Fragmentation

Craig Jensen

An entrepreneur, computer programmer, and Scientologist, Craig Jensen has devoted his life to helping others and improving technological functionality. In 1986, Craig Jensen conducted market research that revealed a major problem for managers of corporate computer systems was fragmentation, a situation where stored data becomes split into pieces and scattered throughout the computer. In response, he created Diskeeper, a world-renowned and highly effective defragmentation product, and ultimately built a company that took the same name until it became Condusiv Technologies in 2012.

On January 30, 2017, Condusiv launched a groundbreaking new product, SSDKeeper. Despite the popular belief that it could not be done, SSDKeeper fixes fragmentation issues that degrade the performance and reliability of solid state drives (SSDs), making servers run faster than new. It does this by preventing small, fragmented writes and reads, and by caching reads in otherwise-unused RAM, improving the performance and lifespan of SSDs.
In addition, SSDKeeper is simple to use. With “Set It and Forget It” functionality, after the product is installed, it will do its work without further attention from the user, saving time and effort for business and home users.

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