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Tips for Nature Photography

Craig Jensen

Craig Jensen, the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation, likes to take photographs in his spare time. Landscape photographers like Craig Jensen can improve their photos by taking a careful eye toward their composition and making small camera adjustments to support the photo.

Using a small aperture helps to create the feeling of depth in a photograph. A small aperture will keep objects in both the foreground and the background sharp, though it reduces the amount of light entering the lens. When using this technique, photographers should use a tripod if possible to eliminate any movement of the camera.

A wide-angle lens works well for nature photography, especially in wide open spaces. A wide lens shows a broad view, and provides a greater depth of field, enabling objects in the foreground to remain in focus.
Still water in subdued light can create distinctive reflections, adding visual interest to a shot. To capture this effect, a photographer will usually need to take the photo within the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. A slow shutter speed will soften the appearance of these reflections - experiment with different shutter speeds to explore its potential.

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